How To Do It:
  • Create a list of appropriate funders and timetables of giving.
  • Contact foundation or corporate program officers to discuss your funding needs.
  • Be clear about asking for what you want and need.
  • Present your organization, what you do and how you do it in the most positive and honest light.

How Port Discovery and PACT Achieved Success:
Certainly one of the greatest benefits of collaboration is the pooling of limited resources. This is particularly interesting when you combine two very diverse programs since it can open up possibilities for funding that were previously unavailable. Both organizations drew on their existing relationships with prospective donors while seeking new funding
sources. We spent some time talking about which organization should take the "lead" on the grant applications. We considered our past relationships with the funders, what kinds of organizations funders preferred to support and personal relationships among staff or Board members.

Once we determined which organization would officially submit the request, the proposals and budgets were developed by both organizations. We also collaborated on planning site visits for foundation representatives and interim and final reports to funders.

A master list of possible funders was created by the development staff at PACT and Port Discovery. The partnership team met on a regular basis to review the list, add new names and provide any updates. Also, both organization's Boards were engaged by presenting the partnership goals and asking for their help in soliciting support.